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With each passing day it seems as though another nail is placed in the High Street coffin. The sadness is there are many traditional retailers that are so distant from consumers needs that shoppers may as well contact NASA to make arrangements to go shopping.

My beef (this time) is with traditional music retailer HMV. Stupidly, I thought I would make a visit to my local visit during my lunch hour after seeing one off the adverts on TV during the build-up to Christmas. Foof! That was a bad move. I should of realised that after trying to buy online and finding that HMV had removed online shopping as a function of their website – ALARM BELLS SHOULD OF RUNG THEN!

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The supporters of Liverpool FC have had some amazing players gracing the pitch at Anfield over the years. Enjoy this definitive list of the top 10 LFC goal scorers of all time that spans over 100 years of footballing history.

Sam Raybould #10

Sam Raybould - Liverpool FC

  • Total LFC goals: 228
  • Debut: 13/01/1900
  • Last appearance: 27/04/1907
  • Debut goal: 20/01/1900
  • Last goal: 27/04/1907

He scored ten times in just 13 league games for New Brighton and was signed by manager Tom Watson for Liverpool in January 1900. He made his debut on 13 January 1900 in a 2-0 win over W.B.A at Anfield and scored his first goal for the club a week later on 20 January in the Merseyside derby at Goodison Park a game which saw Everton win 3-1

Originally an outside-right, he switched to centre-forward at Liverpool, and became a highly successful goalscorer. In the 1902-03 season Raybould set a new record of 31 league goals in a single league season. This record stood until 1931 when Gordon Hodgson broke it by scoring 36 goals. In 1903 he, along with right-back Archie Glover was given a seven-month ban from football for agreeing to ‘financial inducements’ to sign for Southern League Portsmouth. They were also given a lifetime ban on ever signing for Portsmouth.


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Forget the high-winds back in November 2013, the Christmas storms that are currently battering the south coast of the United Kingdom are far more ferocious. Where Christmas Eve should be a time to relax and enjoy the time of year, it is instead going to be a huge clean-up operation for tens of thousands of people, fee free to see some of the latest tweets about the horrible Christmas weather.

I have to say I question the use of the GHD paid search budget when adverts appear in a complete unrelated area of intent. I was looking for Valentine’s Lingerie Gifts (as you do on December 24th). I’m still trying to work out if what I saw was pure genius? Or just poor paid search management?

Have a look for yourself…

GHD poor paid search

I am pretty sure I have the answer – it’s pretty poor. But I will gladly eat some humble pie if someone can say it’s all part of a master plan.

The institution that is Liverpool Club has seen some of the finest players in the world grace the hallowed turf at Anfield. With so many stories to tell, any Liverpool supporter/fan or lover of football in general should consider buying/reading the five following player books:

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